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With an ad at DS, your business will reach out to over 80,000 members – An ideal way to attract customers and etablish yourself with the large clientele that only DS can give you access to.
  • Rectangular ad, displayed at all pages


    A rectangular ad is 180x150 pixels. Its placement alternates, and is displayed on almost all pages at DS. Usually, DS / Desires Social / Darkside has around 10 of these ads. Each time a web page is shown to a user, as many ads as fits on the page is picked at random from the available ads. For instance, on the front page 8 ads are picked, wich makes every rectangular to be displayed almost every time someone views the front page. Concidering that DS / Desires Social / Darkside has around a million page views per day, your ad will have a very high exposure. A rectangular ad is 500 SEK / €50 for a 7-day period (excl. VAT).

When a user clicks a banner, he/she is directed to an URL of your choice. Advertising takes place in 7-day periods. The price is the same for both animated and static banners, Ads must be tasteful, we reserve the right to decline/terminate campaigns that disturb our members.

Contact us and we'll answer all your questions! :-)

Data you submit will be stored and processed by DS in order for us to get back to you and administer the erend. Information is only processed within the frame for DS and is not transfered to any outsider for other purposes. Our basis for processing is your consent, we remove information when ther are deemed to no longer serve their purpose. Read more about the processing and how you can get in touch with personal data ombudsman in the information pages.

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